My father died in the war before I was born. I was missing him all my life. I’m coming from a place where war is very common. It’s a daily reality. So many wars, all the time. There is no wisdom arising from this. It makes it so painful for me.

One year ago, my mother’s friend’s son was killed in the war and was buried in the same cemetery where my father is buried. Before the funeral was to begin, I found myself walking to my father’s place. I put my hand on his grave and I was crying. And I said, “Please, dad, tell me something so I can change this awful reality, so wisdom can start to sprout of this tragedy. Tell me how we can shift and change.” Then I heard a very clear voice saying, “Just get pregnant with the frequency of peace. Let it descend on to your being and radiate wherever you go with your presence and the rest will follow.” I felt so guided toward my real and unique purpose on this earth. Just get pregnant with the frequency of peace.
~ 33, Israel

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