For me, a connection between sexuality, spirit and the feminine started when I was very young. I went to catholic school and I was very enamored with the nuns. I didn’t see them as depleted women who didn’t have sex. For a long time, I wanted to be a nun. When I was a very little girl, in first grade, I wet my pants in school. It was really embarrassing….a really big deal, and so the nuns whisked me away to the convent.

And I thought the convent was going to be this rigid place. I went in and it was this huge beautiful building. They had a big kitchen, it was soft. It was like a women’s den. They washed my clothes and dried them and gave me clothes to wear. They sat me at this counter and they made me cookies. I felt like I had tasted something of women’s culture that I never really put into clarity until later. I feel like there was something in the way they dedicated themselves to spirit, the way they were so nourished by each other’s company. I felt them as vital spiritual sexual beings. I didn’t necessarily know about ‘sex’ I just understood something about sexual energy and I felt that it was alive in them. To me it was that sexual energy is your connection with god. ~ 34, USA

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