About the GCW

We are a large collective of women who believe in the importance of resurrecting and celebrating women’s wisdom. Since the fall of 2006 we have been gathering women’s intimate stories and meeting in churches, schools, retirement homes, private homes and more to speak our truth with each other. Through this process we have witnessed the power of our intimate experience to bring women home to a primal language, our first language, a language that contains forgotten wisdom essential not only to the survival of our species but to the vibrant diversity of all life on the planet. We are a collective. We thrive on the collaboration and cooperation of women from all over the world. If you are stirred by this vision and mission, we invite you to step into this open ever-evolving circle.

We come together from a vast array of experiences and life paths, from single mothers to devoted wives, women who love women, women who love men and women who love all life. We are corporate women and stay-at-home mothers, founders of women’s centers, women’s circles and women’s businesses, healers, house builders and Feng Shui designers. As far as money is concerned, we’ve been and done it all, from collecting unemployment to struggling without income to blessed recipients of abundant prosperity. We are indigenous women beholden to the red, the brown and the black dirt. We are keepers of the land. We are daughters and granddaughters of the Daughters of the American Revolution and we are also daughters of immigrants as well as immigrants ourselves. We are devout followers of religion, confirmed atheists, deeply spiritual women, and as-yet undecided critics of the whole ball of wax. We are singers and dancers, painters and sculptors. We are gorgeous wise grandmothers, breathtaking middle-aged mavens and fiery young beauties. We speak French, Swahili, Spanish, Finnish, Hindi, Farsi, Hebrew, Zulu, Truk, Arabic, Xhosa, English and the forgotten languages of the Earth herself. We are both teachers and students, each of us, all the time. We walk our individual paths side-by-side with every other woman on the planet. We have each known stifling silence and deadly isolation. We have felt preyed upon and at times we have unleashed the warrior within us. We have both resisted against and listened to the call to create a world in which all life is sacred ~ period ~ no exceptions.

The Founder, Christiane Pelmas

Christiane is a daughter, sister, mother, wife and lover of all life. She is a poet, writer, guide and founder of The ReWilding, an organization which offers guidance and counseling and produces both instructional and experiential films and books. She founded the GCW after sitting with a group of women from Israel, Palestine and the USA in a circle called Women of Vision. In the presence of these courageous women, coming together to weave rituals of peace which they would take back to their families and communities, she heard story upon story of the wisdom, fearlessness and life-loving vision of the feminine spirit. Days later, as Fate worked its magic, she stumbled across Muriel Rukeyser’s poem “Kathe Kollewitz” and specifically the lines: “What if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open…” The Global Culture of Women shortly after, from this knowing; that women hold a power critical to humanity’s remembering of it’s integral place in the web of life. We do not need to do anything fancy…we simply need to remember our wisdom and live it with ourselves, each other, our families and our communities, every hour of every day…as if life depended upon it.