Become a Story Gatherer

We do not tell stories for entertainment. We tell them because they remind us of who we are, where we come from and to whom we belong. We tell stories to keep our souls alive and in relationship to, as opposed to separate from, the world around us. A culture without a story is a dangerous one. In the space of our forgetting it is possible to stand back and allow egregiousness to occur, repeated assaults on life itself and to the spirit living within each of us. We are in a time of great forgetting, where cultures across the globe are either actively denigrating or being forced out of their ancient stories. Dreams, visions, wisdom that comes to us from the imaginal realms are no longer considered primary sources of information essential to the survival and thriving of life.

From this place, the GCW invites all women to remember what lives deep within your heart and soul…what beings dream you at night and what images stalk you during your waking hours. We invite you to find women in your communities and sit with each other, daring to speak your non-linear, non-chronological stories, what Jean Houston has called your “Soulography”…what others call your “Personal Myth”. Both speaking and witnessing are powerfully life altering acts of love and remembering. We promise you will come out a different woman. You will come out as a Remembering Woman. And we also promise that the world is waiting for the Remembering Women.

“I was born of a lioness, child of Soasoane. It is fitting that I should emulate her.
She is my mother, she strapped me on her back.
I was nursed by lioness that wore skirts.”
Basotho Epic Myth

“I wrote this creation myth where Mother god came from the ocean
and Father god from the sky, and he was fire.
They came together in the fall on a cloudy, misty day and in their love making they created me.”
USA, 45

(Link to A Story Gatherer’s Handbook)