Welcome to the new – and BEAUTIFUL – home of The Global Culture of Women

Welcome to the new – and BEAUTIFUL – home of The Global Culture of Women. The transition from our previous website to this new version heralds in a more user-friendly interface allowing us to honor the vibrant tapestry of feminine culture world-wide with more ease and elegance.

Since 2005 the GCW has gone from a small story-telling mission to a world-wide invitation for women and girls everywhere to remember our power and importance by speaking our truth with, to and for each other. With the essential assistance of women around the globe, the core group of the GCW continues to develop key tools specifically designed to invite women everywhere to dance, sing, speak and pray our powerful truth.

In 2009 we unveiled the Truth Telling Project which is now taking off across America, moving into communities and schools where girls and women are remembering that our shared truth has the extraordinary power to cultivate a world in which all life is sacred. We know that the longing and language that lives in the bones of our bodies – the things that dream us at night and move us through our days – is medicine for our beleaguered species and for the ailing planet. We know that the power of our shared longing and language is far greater than the sum of its parts. Therefore, we are a collective. Like every other ecosystem on the planet, we do not operate alone.

This vision thrives in collaboration, diversity and connection; myriad languages, hearts and minds coming together to weave an invitation of exquisite courage. Please step in, in any way that works for you: offer your suggestions, start a Story Gatherer’s Circle and/or Truth Telling circle in your community; gather the story of the elder woman who lives next door; tell your truth to the wide open beauty in the mirror. 

Our Mission

...from the four corners of the earth and the four seasons of women's live we are weaving a tapestry across the globe ~ gathering women's stories, celebrating women's wisdom, cultivating a legacy in which all life is sacred...

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