Voices of Women

My father raised me with the knowledge of wise women. He raised me so that I would know that there had been wise women, and that they had been destroyed, killed. He would give me books that were, sometimes, very hard to look at. They were historical documents…When I was teenager and didn’t want to read he would say, ‘if you and your mother had lived in the middle ages chances are you wouldn’t have survived.’ He told me I was a white witch. 
~ 56, Germany/USA

I don’t care for the idea that we have to find a man in order to have a child and to have a home. I mean, I want the community of a family, that intimate space where you can fall apart. But it actually doesn’t work that way for so many women…our family becomes the last place on earth we feel we can fall apart. I want something new.
~ 28, USA

I find myself thinking of my mother a lot more these days not that I’m 94. As I look back, and see her through my father’s eyes, she was a very feminine person. He was always so appreciative of whatever she wore that was feminine. Hats, perfume. But of course, she didn’t have much of that because we didn’t have a lot of money.