Start a Truth Telling Circle

The TruthTelling Project started in 2009 with a core group of women in Boulder Colorado. The desire was to create an easy form that allowed women to come together and speak about what is truthfully going on in our hearts, our souls and our lives. We found that women around the globe were faltering under the weight of witnessing both the never-ending assaults on, and the beauty of, our coupling, families, communities and environment. We wanted to find a way to invite women into a process that was simple yet profoundly powerful, which allowed us to speak directly to what we were seeing and feeling. The TruthTelling Project is unfolding as just that. It still has a lot of growing to do, and we are hoping you will adopt what is here so far and run with it, bringing it into your homes and communities and let us know what you’re doing so we can consciously evolve this practice to support women across the globe in our service to a world in which all life is sacred.

(Link to A TruthTeller’s Handbook)